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Pharmacy Chain 36.6
Tel: +7 (495) 797–86–86
Fax: +7 (495) 797–86–88

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Annual reports

ask:  RUR 8,72

(Moscow Exchange, 27.03.17)

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Corporate profile (June 2013)
Pharmacy Chain 36.6 is a leading Russian health & beauty retailer offering to its patrons a variety of high-qualityaffordable health and beauty goods and a professional advice at convenient and friendly stores. We are dedicated to helping our customers lead healthy and long lives. Our name reflects this commitment. 36.6 is the ideal body temperature in Centigrade for healthy adults and children. Pharmacy Chain 36.6 is equally committed to building a healthy, vibrant company which consistently delivers robust returns for our shareholders and employees.

Key indicators

31.9 bln. RUR Consolidated sales in 2015 were 31.9 billion RUR
1.03 bln. RUR Consolidated operating profit in 2015 was RUR 1,03 billion
1740 pharmacies 1740 pharmacies are currently under management in Moscow, Moscow region, Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region (as of 30.09.16)
7 800 people The Company employs over 7800 qualified people and a strong management team with more than 15 years of the industry experience